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Aveda Botanical Repair: A Love Story

Let’s start from the beginning.

Back in 2011, I decided that I wanted to go to cosmetology school. I’m from the midwest, so – quite naturally – I chose Aveda. (Fun fact: there are tons of Aveda institutes in the midwest, as Aveda is based out of Minneapolis.) When I chose Aveda, I had no idea that I was going to get such an incredible education. After all, many other cosmetology students I met with did not have the same experience. 

Long story short, my teachers were amazing. 

And yet, it was the Aveda products that I really fell in love with.

Botanical Repair Roots

Back in the day, Botanical Repair wasn’t even invented yet. Every single blonde-haired guest would leave with Damage Remedy products (which I personally loved). One of my favorite parts about working in the industry was that I could change my shampoo routine like the wind, so occasionally I would use Damage Remedy, sometimes I would use Smooth Infusions – when Sap Moss came back I was all over that… oh – now I’m off topic. Let’s get back to the point.

As we learned more about hair, we found out that protein could actually cause damage if overused (ping the word “over-proteinizing”). And low & behold, guess what’s in Damage Remedy? You got it: protein. Unfortunately, my guests who were on the products for years started claiming that they were no longer working for them. 

Excuse me, WHAT? I’m annoyed.

Something New

Naturally, I started recommending other products. They were all working really well, but they weren’t targeted specifically to blondes. (Don’t even get me started on purple shampoo, but I’ll save that for another blog.)

I knew that something was missing, but I just couldn’t figure out what. Most people would rave about Smooth Infusions, which works great in humidity, but I’m more of a Sap Moss girly… and there was about a 50% chance that my clients would like the way Sap Moss smells.

Fast forward a bit more, I moved to North Carolina. People are all over Damage Remedy again, and some aren’t. Others are raving about this new product on the market (not made by Aveda), which apparently has this new “bond building” technology targeted to blondies with brittle hair.

(I don’t buy it because I’m an Aveda girl for life, but I’m not going to tell my guests that they can’t use something.)

New Salon, New Ideas

In 2020 Covid hits, and I find myself in a pickle. I’ve decided to open my own Aveda Salon, but in the meantime, I have to work in a salon suite where I can’t use Aveda products (not until Aveda approves my new location).

What do I do? 

“Well,” I thought, “let’s give this non-Aveda product a shot.” A few weeks go by, and my clients are loving the results. Their hair feels soft, strong, and it smells amazing. It’s a hit!

One day (after about two months of consistent use) one of my favorite clients, Trina, comes in and her hair feels straight up like gum. What. The. Heck. 

This had happened to me once before, when a new client had been using a line where you “plug in” your problems on a computer, and a bot tells you what shampoo is best for you. Umm… hello? Your hairstylist is in your hair, and can give you great advice. Why are you asking a robot? Not my business, but it cost a pretty penny to get that gunk out of her hair.

Anyway, we found out that the non-Aveda product wasn’t working for Trina anymore. But, Aveda just approved my location and I can officially order their products. While I was out of Aveda commission, they came out with a new product… Botanical Repair.

The Botanic Love Story

Aveda Botanical Repair is being marketed the same way other bond-building brands are, except they’re vegan & plant powered. I’m all in. Let’s give it a shot.

My first impression was that it smells like you’re dancing through a meadow. It is the best smelling shampoo and conditioner that I have ever smelled in my life

Now, the results. 

Trina’s hair instantly felt lighter and better. Her ends weren’t brittle and breaking anymore. She swapped out all of her products for Botanical Repair and honestly, I kind of used her as my test person, because I knew she was really using the products consistently.

Fast forward a few months, her hair has never felt so long and healthy.

We opened Citrus in July of 2021. It’s a beach town, so I’d say about 85% of our guests are blonde for summer. All of our stylists are talking to their guests about using Botanical Repair products at home, and telling them about this amazing professional treatment that we can add on to their blonding service. The clients go crazy with how great their hair feels, given the fact that we just highlighted the heck out of their hair to get that ultra-platinum look.

So we said, “Why not? Let’s just include the professional treatment in our blonding services.  The results speak for themselves and we truly believe in giving every guest a five-star experience, with five-star results, and five-star quality.”

Now, every single guest that uses Botanical Repair refuses to try anything else. It constantly flies off of our shelves. Every. Single. Product. Why? Because it really works and you can NEVER overuse it.

So, if you’re thinking about going blonde, or your hair health in general, come visit us. Take a seat with one of our talented stylists and fall in love with Aveda Botanical Repair, just like I did.